Storehouse Ready: Preparing for Life’s Events

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Storehouse Ready:  Preparing for Life’s Events Adult Edition 

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In uncertain economic times, it is essential that focus turns toward seriously building your emergency savings fund. How often, we are not prepared for life’s events, i.e., layoffs/loss of income, college, retirement, marriage, divorce, catastrophic disasters, major car repairs, death, new editions to the family and more. How often we are not prepared to help others in their life’s event. That doesn’t have to be if we plan financially for our future. To be successful in financial and emergency preparedness, it begins with budgeting each month, charting income against expenses so that you can have a full eye’s view of how you are spending your money. If you accurately budget, you will be able to determine where you are over spending and under spending and will be able to work towards balancing your budget.

When you don’t have a budget, you will have very little control over your money and it will be very easy to spend beyond your means. Because of spontaneous spending, it leaves little money left over to go into a savings account which is the primary goal of this emergency fund guide.  Storehouse Ready will help you build an emergency fund no matter how small your income. You will also be able to manage your finances successfully monthly through the Monthly Budget Planner Forms and other tools. Get ready to live debt free, to be at peace financially, and enjoy the life you were destined to have.  

Storehouse Ready:  Preparing for Life’s Events Student Edition 

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This Planner addresses financial literacy inStudent Front Cover the area of budgeting and savings.  This Budgeting and Savings Planner provides a beginner’s guide to money management for students at the junior high, high school, or college level.  The student will gain life skills in two important areas – budgeting and saving.  The Planner provides a complete overview of essential household expenses if a student one day lives on their own and step-by-step instructions on creating their first budget.

The Planner also provides strategies on how to build savings through budgeting.  After obtaining their first paid job and/or graduating from school, the Planner will be an immediate tool to help a student navigate through their finances and, most importantly, provides lifetime money management principles.

Storehouse Ready:  Preparing for Life’s Events Educator Edition 

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The Educator Edition is an instructional guideEducator Edition Cover created to help provide lesson plans for the Storehouse Ready:  Preparing for Life’s Events Student Edition.  Teaching our youth money-management principles at an early age will provide them the life skills that will be needed as they become adults and live independently from their parent(s) or guardian(s).

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