Joy Without Gifts on Christmas

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Would you like to be liberated from the stress and anxiety that Christmas can bring? The pressure that is placed on family and friends to buy and exchange gifts because of traditional gift-giving can take the joy out of Christmas.  Before my family broke traditional gift-giving in 2004, I use to say the best day of the holiday was the day after Christmas because all the worry of meeting the traditional spending was over.

I began to wonder:  Why is the most important holiday of the year the most stressful?

My husband and I decided to put the brakes on everything that was stealing our joy, and we created our own special way of celebrating Christ, the gift of life.

The book I wrote “Joy Without Gifts on Christmas,” inspired by my husband, is about our family’s journey of breaking Christmas tradition.  We freed our children and each other from buying gifts during this season, and we have never been happier.

Instead, each year we find ways to bless others who are less fortunate and desperately need a lifeline of hope.

This change in tradition has brought us such peace and joy that we believe other families will experience during the Christmas season after reading the book.

Suggestions for good deeds/outreach:

  • Give a gift-card to a family in need
  • Create a gift basket full of goodies for your neighbor(s) – get your child or children involved in filling the basket
  • Join an outreach organization to serve or give out food to the needy
  • Pay someone’s bill – rent, utilities, etc.