Joy Without Gifts on Christmas

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What is the book about?

The book is about the Christmas season and how the most important event in history, the birth of Jesus Christ has been overshadowed with Christmas traditions (the gift buying, the Christmas Tree, the glimmering lights, Santa Claus, and the feasts) making the birth of Jesus and the salvation it brings to mankind very quiet. It will open your eyes to the dark and painful side to Christmas that no one talks about and how families have been torn apart trying to meet the expectations of traditions ordained by society.  You will read the heroic story of how the Bean family broke 50 years of tradition during the Christmas season of 2004 by removing some of the Christmas traditions and how this decision brought an unimaginable peace and freedom to our family and loved ones.  We believe that many are thirsting for this same freedom but don’t know how to make the change from traditional hindrances.

Specific steps are outlined on how to transition from a season of worry to a season of fulfillment and joy without the gifts. The book speaks into the lives of unbelievers who celebrate Christmas because they enjoy the tradition of gift-buying, the Christmas tree, the decorations, etc. but they have not professed Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  They will come to the knowledge that Jesus was born to give them abundant life and, therefore, many will desire to have a spiritual connection with Jesus.  The primary goal is to bring awareness to individuals that the commercialization of Jesus’ birthday is at the forefront of Christmas and the reason for the season is secondary.  Because of this, the phenomenal gift of eternal life that the birth of Jesus brought into the world is not celebrated like it should be.

Who is the target audience?

Christmas is celebrated around the world – North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.  Every adult who celebrates Christmas will be drawn to read this book.   Many will be able to relate to the heartache that Christmas can bring when you can’t meet all of the traditional expectations.  Parents with children especially will be able to relate how it affects them and their children when they can’t provide that “Merry Christmas.”  This is a great seasonal book for today when many families are struggling to provide for their family.  This book speaks specifically to believers to seize the season and share the good news of salvation to unbelievers.

What is the primary benefit?

The preparation for Christmas day can involve a tremendous amount of work, time, and money that is focused on fulfilling Christmas traditions that can take the joy out of celebrating the birth of Jesus. Individuals will be awakened to the fact they have the power to choose their destiny and live free from any hindrances in life.  Individuals will have the courage to remove those traditions that have brought anxiety during the Christmas season.  Once the decision is made, families will have the most joyful Christmas celebrations ever.  The ultimate goal is to bring salvation to millions who do not know Jesus so that the Christmas season will truly be honorable for the one that is being celebrated.

What is the unique message?

There is something wrong with the celebration of Jesus’ birthday when instead of bringing joy, it brings heartache.   People are complaining about how the Christmas season arrives earlier and earlier each year beginning with store advertisements everywhere enticing you to empty your pocketbook for your loved ones.  People complain about the absence of Jesus in the retail stores even though it is His birthday.  There has been murmuring and grumbling about the Christmas tree that it should be now called the “holiday tree” to respect those individuals that are not Christians.  There is talk about how they have taken Christ out of Christmas, which is evident about the shortening of Christmas to “Xmas.” Christmas today is primarily about giving gifts to each other and the focus is on humanity.  The original purpose behind the legalization of the holiday was to strictly honor Jesus.  We have strayed away from its original intent and have created manmade traditions that have nothing to do with the reason for His birth.  During the season there is a surge in crime – domestic calls, thefts, and car accidents.  We must ask ourselves – is this really how Jesus would want us to celebrate His birthday?  This book ‘s message is the world engages in activities and celebrations during the season that take the focus off the reason for the season.

How does your book relate to its competition?

There are numerous books on the history of Christmas, but I am not aware of any books that have addressed this sensitive subject of evaluating Christmas traditions and the negative impact traditions has on families.   To my knowledge there aren’t any books that address in depth the commercialization of Christmas and how it disrupts the health of the family during the Christmas season.