90-Day Meal Planner: With a Health Focus and Workout Plan

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The 90-Day Meal Planner is the planning tool that everyone needs who are on a weight-loss journey. Besides exercising, planning what you will eat each day will be the most single activity that will take your energy and effort. In the Planner, there are three months of meal planning that you will be able to log in– breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Also, if you are a diabetic you can track your sugar intake or if you have high blood pressure, you can track your sodium intake. It won’t take long before you will discover which foods you have been eating that have been working against your health instead of for your health and that portion control is essential for weight-loss success.

The Meal Planner goes beyond calorie counting, it provides the opportunity for you to create your own personal weight-loss handbook with a library of healthy recipes. Rather than set a short-term 10-day or 30-day goal, give yourself 90 days to clock in real results. That’s a real commitment to your health, but soon you will be moving towards a healthy lifestyle, which should be the ultimate goal. If you fall off your program and most people do, you can refer to your handbook to get back on track.

If you’re starting your weight-loss journey for the very first time, it will help you get started and includes resources, tools, and Apps that are all geared towards helping a person with their weight-loss plan. Last, partner with someone that is on the same journey as you and buy an additional Planner for them. It has been proven that those individuals that partner with their spouse, family member, or friend to lose weight that their weight-loss success is greater. Orders for multiple copies will be offered at a discounted price per book. Send an email to: thekingdomfirst1@gmail.com for discounted price information.